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Exceptional workmanship + results

Grove Roofing specializes in the installation, restoration, repair and maintenance of roofing systems for commercial, industrial, educational, institutional, historical and markets in Buffalo.

Our highly trained installers provide the expert workmanship you need to ensure long-lasting results while our management team works closely with you to determine the best options for your roofing needs.


Roofing specialties + services

Our experienced and trusted team of professionals deeply values our longstanding client relationships and is committed to providing the safest and highest-quality roofing services.

Repairs + Maintenance

A Dedicated & Full Staffed Service Organization

Our stand-alone Repair & Maintenance Division is a service company that specializes in roofing, not a construction company that does service.  We believe this is an important distinction. All our technicians have extensive (10+ years) service experience in repairing and maintaining roofs, compared to other companies that simply pull workers off a contracting job to stop a leak then return to installing new roofs.  As such, our employees understand the urgency of fixing issues correctly and safely the first time.

Whether an emergency, lingering nuisance or smartly forestalling the need for a complete reroof, you will receive the level or service & results that is too often missing in our industry.

Low-slope roofing

Durable options for low-slope roofing

Extend the life of your low-slope roof with high-quality products installed by fully certified experts. Low-slope roofing or “flat” roofing system applications include single ply, multi-ply, cold applied, hot applied, mechanically fastened, ballasted, and more. Each system varies by cost, durability and energy efficiency.

Steep-slope roofing

High-performance roofing with aesthetic appeal

Steep-slope roofing differs greatly from other roofing solutions—both functionally and aesthetically—requiring the expert workmanship of our region’s most highly trained installers. The structure of a steep-slope roof relies on gravity and water shedding rather than waterproofing, which entails a different structural approach as well as different products.

Sheet Metal

State-of-the-art sheet metal roofing

One does not typically associate roofing with art, however the use of metal in roofing can have very creative qualities. Copper, zinc and stainless can be utilized to dramatic effect as demonstrated at the HH Richardson Complex and Father Bakers Basilica. Metal can make an ordinary building stand out dramatically while providing durability that lasts several decades.

Old meets new in our full-service sheet metal shop. Our state of the art computerized break and shear sits aside a hand beading machine and stake bench. We have the capacity to create miles of standard aluminum or steel flashings, as well as the artisan workmanship to craft custom gutters, steeples, weather vanes and sconces.

Crane hoisting

20 years of accident-free experience

Custom Crane Service—our 28-ton Manitex boom truck—has over 140 ft. of extension and can lift up to 30,000 lbs. Safety is always paramount at Grove Roofing and our operator has over 20 years of accident-free experience. In addition to hoisting building materials and equipment, we have extensive experience with hoists that require pinpoint accuracy and coordination, such as setting trusses and concrete forms.

Snow Removal Services

A heavy snow can cause structural damage and the threat of collapse. What is often not considered is the associated safety & roof damaged concerns. Performed improperly, your building could be littered with punctures after being shoveled. Even more serious is the risk of falling through skylights and other safety concerns. Having snow removal worked performed by expert technicians familiar with all the risks and exposures will not only expedite but also ensure you’re not left with a number of new roofing issues.

Ask us to help determine the best options for your roofing needs.

Commercial roof repair and maintenance for buildings of any size.


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