Steep-slope Roofing

Slate and Tile

Steep-slope roofing is usually visible and often plays a major part of a building’s architectural aesthetic. Preserving the numerous architectural treasures of our region requires expert craftsmanship by highly trained and proven roofing professionals.

Grove Roofing is deeply proud to have an extensive resume of historic restoration experience including some of the region’s most notable landmarks, such as:

  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House
  • Richardson Olmsted Complex
  • Old County Hall
  • Park Country Club
  • The Old Post Office (Erie Community College—City Campus)

Shingles (Asphalt, Metal, Wood)

The qualities of shingle coverings vary widely by material type. Asphalt shingles first arose at the turn of the 1900’s; by midcentury they were covering almost half of America’s homes and continue to be most popular steep choice covering choice. Fiberglass laminates as the most common (actually two or three layers that have been glued together that create dimensional aesthetics) with a wide style & color range as well as good fire ratings. Recently the major manufacturers have universally moved to “lifetime” warranties; however these are typically non-transferable, material only and prorated. A +/- 20 year life expectancy is the commonly accepted average.

Wood shingles in the US date back to the colonies. Today’s products are typically made from cedar and southern yellow pine, with prevalent styles being shakes (split from a wood bolt) or sawn (shaped by a mill). In general wood does very well against severe weather elements and have a higher insulating value the other available products. If they are pressure treated, they can last upwards of 30-50 years.

Historical metal tile & shingle roofs tend to be copper, however a relatively new industry has burgeoned with aluminum & steel shingle products. Either smooth paint or stone coated finishes, these products can closely resemble wood or tile and with similar life expectancies.

The most common installation mistakes for any type of shingle tends to be are improper/ inadequate nailing. Owners should be certain their installers are using not only the proper nail material but also using the recommended quantity and not over or under driving them. Attention to the recommended head lap, starter strip, and details is also very important to the longevity of the roof system


There are references to metal roofing as far back as biblical times. Standing seam systems are the most common, having 12- 24″ wide vertical panels that run from eave to ridge. Adjacent panels are locked together in a variety of seam types, typically snap lock or with a mechanical seamer. Painted steel and aluminum are the most common material types with copper, zinc and stainless steel also available.

Metal roofs require very little maintenance, provide extreme weather protection, and typically last up to 50-years. Proper attention should be paid to the installation of the flashings and ensuring the proper underlayment is utilized.

A rich inventory of architectural treasures

Traditional quarried slate dates as far back as 11th century Europe. Slate rock is quarried in open pits where it is drilled and then blasted or sawed from the bed rock. Today the major quarries and shingle mills in the US are in New England, concentrated at the Vermont & New York border. Common colors include green, gray-green, purple, black & red. Properly maintained slate roofs will regularly last over 100 years.

There is evidence of clay tile roofing as far back as 10,000 B.C. Today’s tiles are mined from high quality clay and shale deposits where the raw material is crushed and ground into powder , wetted and mixed, and either extruded or hand formed form. A wide variety of surface textures and colors are applied before drying and firing. The life expectancy for this type of roof covering is typically 50 years.

Both products have excellent fire resistance, relatively low maintenance needs, & terrific durability. Due to their weight and size, the difficulty of cutting them and detailed installation requirements, expert craftsmanship is essential to ensure they reach their maximum life expectancy. Yearly maintenance will also ensure these materials reach their maximum potential longevity.

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